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Chapel with church tax, light and sound v1.0
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Chapel with church tax, light and sound v1.0

Placeable chapel with hourly church tax, light and sound function V1.0
Here is the announced placeable version to my chapel for installation with the Giants Editor. Version for Giantsedito r

At the entrance to the right can switch the light in the input and are switched off. With the left switch you can turn on the bells of the chapel
-Baukosten: 20,000 €
-Daily maintenance costs: 100 €
-stündliche revenue: -Easy: 200 €
-Multimedia: 150 €
-hard: 100 €

I'm open to any suggestions and constructive criticism.

Finally, the usual:
It is not allowed to upload the object again. Please use while sharing the original link.
And always remember: RESPECT FOR Modders

Modell: Marc_6500
Textur: Marc_500
Script: /
Idee / Konzept:Marc_6500
Tester: /

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