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Chevy K30 (Real Credits) v1.0
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Chevy K30 (Real Credits) v1.0

ALL CREDITS TO DuckPondModding!
Myself, BT Modding and Chris Buck did Not make this mod. Whoever did uploaded this truck and gave improper credits. Shame on you. Sorry DuckPond-
1984 Chevy K30 for Farming simulator 2017
Power: 330
Maximum Speed: 163
Price: 18000
Category: Cars


  • Nobody gives two fucks
    2018-04-20 15:40
    boo fuckin hoo.... This truck fuckin sucks. proper credits or not it's shit....
  • Yes


    2018-04-20 16:00
    Thanks so much for giving proper [email protected] above^^ Why dose it suck? Its a damn nicely made truck with a crap load of customization to it and no errors that i seen
  • Bpr02
    2018-05-13 20:11
    The gooseneck hitch doesn't work
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