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Cleaning of grass v1.0.0
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Cleaning of grass v1.0.0

Here is a small auxiliary mod to remove the old grass underneath buildings.
When playing on the map I came across the following problem:
With each update, new objects are added on the map and when playing on the old save the grass grows where it should not be.
That's why I came up with the idea how I can remove this grass without catching New Game.
Simply buy an object with a suitable size in the shop under our category "Svapa Agroproduktion", then place in the place where grass should be removed (of course, turn around) and then resell this object. And they have clean area without old grass.

Svapa Agro

  • Question
    2017-08-22 12:57
    What is that cement plant on the pictures? Where can I get it?
  • Answer
    2017-08-22 20:33
    you can get here https://vk.com/club143011513
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