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Commodity Prices v0.1.50.0
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Commodity Prices v0.1.50.0

Displays historical information on prices of the commodities available in Farming Simulator 17 in a convenient window.

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer N/A
Category Other
Author Warnat0r
Size 20 KB
Released 05.12.2016


  • Erpilas
    2016-12-06 14:53
    Good, stays fixed on the screen, is there any way to turn the screen on or off, thanks.....
  • Neoblaster
    2016-12-07 00:48
    Is it possible to add reverse sorting choice ? :if self.rightShiftDown then if self.player.orderBy == 1 then self:setOrderBy(7) else self:setOrderBy(self.player.orderBy - 1) end else if self.player.orderBy >= 7 then self:setOrderBy(1) else self:setOrderBy(self.player.orderBy + 1) end
  • Neoblaster
    2016-12-07 00:51
    Source code to replace :if self.player.orderBy>=7 then self:setOrderBy(1)else self:setOrderBy(self.player.orderBy+1)endIn my case, i use HOME instead of INSERT because on my laptop, i have to use fn key.If i use Right Shift + Home + End i can go back which let me to switch between higher price and higher dev%
  • Neoblasyer
    2016-12-07 13:24
    To turn it on/off, just push on "END" button.It's the master key of this mod.
  • Dream
    2016-12-10 07:44
    CAN ANYONE MAKE auto tractor and combined scriped
  • Todd
    2016-12-25 22:51
    Your script isn't picking up on diferent location names and says missing translation on most of the German maps as well as all the UK ones like Chellington and the Herefordshire maps.
  • Gerhard
    2017-11-08 08:30
    Causes game crash on exit after patch 1.5.1
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