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Container Wood Runner It Autoload v1.0
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Container Wood Runner It Autoload v1.0

Hello everyone, I present this container logs, the operation needs of trailer It Runner.
technical features:
automatic loading and unloading
possibility to download logs rotated 90 degrees
range of lengths accepted 1.6/2.4 meters branchless
position of the load lock straps amended.
the set commands are "b" to start / stop the loading, "or" to choose the side loading / unloading, "x" to start / stop downloading, "v" to rotate the logs discharged by 90 degrees.

Model: Giants/ gapaolo (Team FSI Modding)
Script: Marhu/ fcelsa (Team FSI Modding)
Idea / Concept:

  • Hsayar
    2017-01-29 10:52
    Would you also add Bale, Round bale and Pallet support?
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-09 23:22
    shows up in game but wont load logs, do the need to be cut a certain length? as i had 11 meter logs cut & it looked like they'd fit but the bed didn't load them.
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