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COURSEPLAY Farming simulator 17
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COURSEPLAY Farming simulator 17

Courseplay - 4.01.00124
Run the game Left hotkey CTRL + Delete

Thomas Gärtner, Satis


  • Nathaniel
    2016-11-03 13:20
  • Erpilas
    2016-11-03 13:26
    in the VEGA and bunkers having no tiger does not recognize for download .... :(
  • Alexandro
    2016-11-03 14:09
    Must be Christmas already. Thanks a lot!
  • Scott
    2016-11-03 15:02
    Obviously a fake and unauthorized conversion of FS15 Courseplay.. authors are not even in beta for the real FS17 version.. use at your own risk
  • David
    2016-11-03 15:23
    This hack does not work well yet be regarded a little and say 'a Beta
  • Lyn


    2016-11-03 17:36
    Works well for me, I've only run into 1 issue so far in seeding and that was easily fixed. First versions of anything for a brand new game will be buggy and this has a lot less bugs than some of the mods out there for FS17.
  • Devil chucky
    2016-11-03 18:01
    what was the issue with the seeding lyn
  • Eng51ine
    2016-11-03 18:11
    Works fine for me. Have all of Goldcrest already set up and have been using this for about 6 hours now.
  • Lyn


    2016-11-03 18:12
    I started it up but then noticed I had the wrong seed. Stopped the worker, changed the seed but then it wouldn't take the course anymore. Tried deleting and remaking the course but no luck. I'm on a modded map so will try the same circumstances on the original map when I get home, see if I can recreate it.
  • Nick
    2016-11-03 20:31
    LYN, Disable ridge markers.
  • Lyn


    2016-11-03 20:38
    Will do, thanks!
  • Aleksei
    2016-11-03 20:42
  • Jumbo5747
    2016-11-03 23:32
    Well Done Thomas,At last 'COURSEPLAY' and it seems to work very well so far.Very well done indeed. I know I have a cheek, but any chance of 'Follow me' soon!!!.....Thanks,
  • Donnie
    2016-11-03 23:37
    want work cant save nothing on it fix it
  • Bill
    2016-11-04 00:31
    It seems when the tractor follows the combine it stays unloading till the field is done. It doesn't go too a spot and wait like it did in FS15
  • Bauer36
    2016-11-04 00:46
    schade hatte mich schon gefreut .leider sehr viele erros so das das spiel abstürst
  • Rainoa
    2016-11-04 06:16
    question, why is it i dont see this mod in the mod list in the game its self or the gps 1?
  • Gustav
    2016-11-04 13:08
    Finlay!!!!!! Thanks!
  • Will
    2016-11-04 16:31
    works well for me only issue i have is with overloader it finds and fills from combine on field no problem but when it goes to edge of field to empty in to trailer the pipe comes out but doesnt go down far enough to start emptying have to keep flicking bak to adjust it .
  • Raul
    2016-11-04 17:28
    The mod works at 50%. After a tractor concludes the course, the game stops working. You can save, exit and re-enter the game. It also won't work if you save a machine for growing, you need to go with the machine each time you want to grow something... I would love to see this errors being solved soon.
  • Flacwby
    2016-11-05 04:16
    Use at your own risk. It works most times but after a while you lose all controls (keyboard, mouse, etc) and I have to ALT+F4 quit to exit. I'm afraid I'll have to wait for the authorized conversation from the original developers.
  • Giggi02
    2016-11-05 17:38
    It`s very very buggy and very Beta. A lot of Game freeze and more.Thats not the original Courseplay, thats a copy. I wait for the Original from GitHub
  • Bancyk
    2016-11-06 17:56
    on the map CzechMap_V3_FS17 course play dont work on the us hill works but when the tractor goes to combine to take grain after it takes he gows with combine dont stay and wait for the combine is full sorry for english
  • L@nd3i1976
    2016-11-06 18:18
    Fine - only problems with the Kramer Frontloader - can´t buy it - frozen game
  • Dfreitas
    2016-11-10 19:50
    I am not having much luck offloading harvesters they keep tangling up and not disengaging when harvester is empty causing problems at the end of row and harvester can't turn.
  • Jualmas
    2016-11-10 23:47
    It does not work properly. Stop the game. failed.
  • Robban
    2016-11-12 09:41
    the real authors of this mod is working on their own game..
  • Alex
    2016-11-14 08:41
    Версия - сырая, при использовании более одного маршрута - программа сходит с умаVersion - crude, when using more than one route - the program goes crazy (((
  • Sixty
    2016-11-18 19:57
    Hi I found a bug in "COURSEPLAY" You Baling hay / grass (hay rounds) When you set the I want to pass along the hay so I pick up the bales of hay but spill ..... it is a bug or I'm doing Something Wicked? There nastavim> array (number) starts and where the direction, work in the fields, and starts nasbiera package is 100% but the downside:( If you know most of what I'm doing wrong so I thank you for your advice / answers
  • Stevie
    2017-04-18 00:45
    please put a tow truck in farming sim17
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