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Cramp Bandit 750 v1.0
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Cramp Bandit 750 v1.0

This is the Krampe Bandit 750 with different touchdowns and tires plus DynamicHose, Nr.Schilder!
The frond flap and the side flap can be moved with the mouse! There is nothing more to say here!
Modell: Krampe Bandit 750
Textur: Meine
Script: Komen von Xentro (MarcusXentro.se), Martin Fabík, Blacky_BPG
Idee / Konzept: Spass am Modden
Tester: Rhino1969,Tjark1,Vega, Ich selber Grins
Lg Thunder01


  • Fabmt
    2018-11-09 22:37 Send message
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    I've always wanted a trailer with touchdowns
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