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Czeladz by Knysio4
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Czeladz by Knysio4

This is the edit maps made by foreign Knysio4. On the map you will find:
- Remize TSO Czeladź,
- Komende Municipal police in Czeladź,
- 1 Large farm,
- a few stocks to.
- and Much much more.


  • Ass hole
    2017-02-18 12:05
    This is what you get when you have no anykind of modeartion here, TOTALLY WRONG SECTION, Shoud be in FS15 maps, not 17!
  • Blacky
    2017-02-18 20:50
    this map mod looks like the shoiinnbeck from FS 15 game awesome map i used use shoiinnbeck on my FS 15 GAME and love it it was in rar file instead of zip file
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