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Doll Panther trailer v1.0
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Doll Panther trailer v1.0

I have converted this mod from FS15 to FS17. I have fixed a couple of things. but still some things to do, so there could be a couple of bugs. so let me know if you found one.

The trailer has:
- Tarpaulin or hidden
- Ramps up and down
- Ramps widening
- Broadening small
- Broadening united
- Extend loaders

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Model by: Gallinger
Scripts by: Gallinger
Converted by: Thijs1239 (DutchFarmers)
Fixed by: Thijs1239 (DutchFarmers)

  • Thijs1239
    2017-03-21 16:31
    can you send me your log file?
  • Pummelboer
    2017-03-21 21:55
    Trailer won't connect because of error in the Doll_Tieflader.xml file;<inputAttacherJoint index="0>0|6|1|14|0" jointType="semitrailer"/>should be <inputAttacherJoint index="0>0|6|1|12|0" jointType="semitrailer"/>If you change this it will work
  • Pummelboer
    2017-03-21 22:11
    error in the animation of support; change to:
  • Name
    2017-03-22 03:15
    don't no how to do that found it but don't no how to fix it
  • Kohlerlove
    2017-03-22 03:17
    don't no how to do that found it but don't no how to fix it....
  • Name
    2017-03-22 05:19
    try to change the xml for the trailer and no luck can some make update version of the trailer that works
  • Thijs1239
    2017-03-22 14:35
    I try to fix it this afternoon
  • Name
    2017-03-23 15:55
    still don't work ...........plz fix it
  • Peter
    2017-07-06 13:13
    I can not atach this trailer.
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