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F-650 Super Duty v1.1
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F-650 Super Duty v1.1

Hello one more time farmers
Here I present a new modification Ford_F650 4x4 1.1
Is not 100% complete but fully functional

hp 500
max speed 132
Has lights
Has a footprint on the wheels
Has fastening bands
and more
Wait for more updates for this mods
I always have many hours of work, have fun
If they find some error leave it in the comments


  • Vegueta_idiot
    2017-07-25 15:47
    Is not 100% complete but fully functional MY ASS Do you have just a single mod that is BOTH 100% complete and 100% functional?
  • Another pump and dump
    2017-07-25 17:22
    Another incomplete mod that will never have a update...
  • Blackbelt
    2017-07-25 18:52
    Great mod i tried the mod works great for the farm
  • Joe


    2017-07-25 20:53
    Needs external fuel, seeds and fertilizers. Otherwise, it has no other function--worthless.
  • Name
    2017-07-25 21:04
    another pump and dump & vegueta_idiot just stop please
  • Guest
    2017-07-26 05:27
    what a piece of shit
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-28 00:53
    mod video here........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQim0IM-Xtk&t=6s
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