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F550 Stakebed v1.0
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F550 Stakebed v1.0

I added the stakebed to the back of a Ford F550. I also changed the color of the truck, and added a stack.

BlackSmoke, Richwoodrocket

  • Stallion69
    2017-03-31 22:49 Send message
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    looks good but should of had dual stacks
  • Rick
    2017-04-01 00:58 Send message
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    Please remove middel stack...it makes a good mod look bad
  • Silver
    2017-04-01 10:02 Send message
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    I agree with the first comment dual stacks look much more correct for that big of a truck, but I also kind of agree with the second comment stake bed + stack = bad idea plus this being that new of a truck, it looks gaudy. Its too bad you couldn't set up different stack configurations on the wheel option in the shop.
  • Kyfarmer
    2017-04-01 21:03 Send message
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    dual stacks, but outside of the bed, or just use regular exhaust, not that hard
  • Rchwdrckt
    2017-04-03 00:10 Send message
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    KYFARMER Do you really think the reason I only put one was because I didn't know how to add two?
  • Rx1966
    2017-04-27 03:51 Send message
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    do some research, dual exaust + stake bed was a huge money maker for Dodge. when they released the "Little Red Express" short body pick up in 1978 - it also was the ONLY muscle car left in that era with a V8..and it was a Truck
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