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Farming Simulator 2011 MAP v1.17
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Farming Simulator 2011 MAP v1.17

This is the original Farming Simulator 2011 MAP with Farming Simulator 2017 functions!
Map has 2 errors I can't fix or i will try [ In v2 ]
NO START VEHICLES, so you are poor as hell!
No buyable fields yet!
Original crops and textures!

Cows, Piggies, Sheepies, NO CHICKENS cuz they are noisy and stupid!

Chicken nuggets near the farm so you can rank up easily, lel.

Have fun!
I will come back with v2 maybe next week or who knows!

Model: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Texture: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Script: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Idea / Concept: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Testing: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Other: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Errors : EpicPrydaMods & Giants, LEL

  • Kyfarmer
    2016-12-08 02:37
    so you are saying you basically made a shitty map, why even put it out there if you arent gonna give it ALL the basic features if not more, maybe when you put a v2 out and has EVERYTHING basic then i might, just MIGHT download and check it out
  • Ohlweiler
    2016-12-30 13:15
    Need improving. Like KYFARMER said, lack of ALL basic features. I love the LS11 map, however this one it is not worth to download. Perhaps v2!
  • Snowfarmer
    2017-01-01 13:14
    I to was thinking of downloading this until I read the discription as well as the two above reviews. I loved the 2011 map as well as it being the first Farm Simulator that I ever played and got started out on, "BUT" if I can't do the basic things it just isn't worth the trouble.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-06 22:44
    KYFARMNG, IS A TROLL< Dont Mind his little thoughts and penis.
  • Snowfarmer
    2017-04-12 12:45
    Still waiting for V2?
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