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FarmKing/Sakundiak/MeridianHopper Pack v1.0
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FarmKing/Sakundiak/MeridianHopper Pack v1.0

I converted augers and meridian bin to fs17.  
meridian hopper is placeable and has a capacity of 250,000l. (u can change that in user attributes section in GE if you want)
farmking I changed it up some by all frame pieces are one not individual components anymore.
sakundiak is the same.
to unload bin drive sakundiak under bin then u will be able to hit r to reload auger from bin then it will transfer to truck.
mouse is used for controls and x unfolds hopper on farmking and wheel mover on sakundiak.  same controls as fs15 versions.
have any issues post in support section.  don't have any fill level indicator on bin yet.  I will update when I do.  
have fun.

farmking: model=brad squire / textures=bcbulher / ingame=killerrf/alfalfa6945
sakundiak: model=isotope / textures=killerrf / ingame=killerrf/alfalfa6945
meridian bin: model=isotope / textures=killerrf / ingame=killerrf

  • Sturdy
    2017-04-23 01:17
    Warning (C:/Users/./Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/fs17ru_Koegel_gigaliner/Koegel.xml): 'vehicle.overloadingCapacity' is not supported anymore, use 'vehicle.overloading#capacity' instead!Warning (LUA): 'getXMLString': Argument 1 has wrong type. Expected: Int. Actual: Nil ..\..\..\src\base\scripting\lua\LuaScriptSystem.cpp (640): expectedType == Value::VoidType
  • Tyler
    2017-04-23 19:37
    How do you open the top of the bin? And it wont let me open it when I have the auger wagon backed up to it
  • Mooremods
    2017-04-24 00:06
    Why steal these for AEM?
  • Angusg
    2017-04-25 02:15
    mooremods its a free mod no one gives a shit
  • +sturdy
    2017-04-25 02:37
    That's not even the augers creating errors.....
  • Pawel
    2017-04-26 19:17
    Czesc mam pytanko dal bys rade do swoich silosow dorzucic jeszcze jakis wysfietlacz ilosci w srodku silosy bardzo fajne ale licznik by sie przydal
  • Pawel
    2017-04-27 19:37
    cześć twój mod jest spoko ale jak pisałem wyżej przydał by się licznik napełnienia no i kiedy nasypałem ponad 160 ton towaru wysypałem już tylko 93 tony
  • Pawel
    2017-04-28 01:29
    A to do czego miało niby być ????
  • Pawel
    2017-04-28 19:46
    a ty czemu musisz byc taki cwany w komentach a pizda w realu
  • Kushcoma
    2017-06-05 19:38
    doesn't show up in game
  • Kushcoma
    2017-06-05 19:39
    is there a special way to download this mod?
  • Bart
    2017-07-17 02:27
    I downloaded this mod and am really happy with it only got one little problem. it says that its missing the grainstorage in function. is this going to be updated or how can I fix it myself?many thanks
  • Søren
    2018-07-30 17:19
    i got problem whit buying the small augar thats is used to unload the silos, but i seems to be a problem only i the lone oak farm map??Somebody who can tell me what to do, to make it work.When i am buying it. it will just load and load
  • Jessup russell
    2018-10-13 05:51
    I got a whit buying the small auger that is used to unload the silos, somebody who can tell me what to do, to make it work. when im buying it it will just load and load
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