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FDR Logging - Forestry Equipment V5
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FDR Logging - Forestry Equipment V5

- All Machines have folders cleared out and organized (removing any unused and wasted space/files)
- All Machines have been redesigned from the ground up, less polygons meaning a 25FPS+ Boost to performance.
- All Machines Cleared memory leaks and callstacks from scripting, also gives huge performance boost.
- All Machines New textures using proper AO Baking and lighting (Thank You Serious Mods)
- All Machines have New realistic sound effects for tracks, rollers, engines, cutters, ect.
- All Machines spawn with proper spacing so they don't land on top of each other.
- All Machines Lights and Exhausts have all been fixed so nothing is offset or blocked.
- All Machines heads spawn facing upright in proper positions instead of stuck down into the ground.
- All Machines Sensitivity of all controls adjusted for better movement.
- All Machines Tracks of all machines fixed so that they don't get stuck on hills (still happens on really bad terrain but 85% improved)
- All Machines Tracks have been re positioned for better look.
- All Machines have new icons
- All grapples and claws have been rebuilt and some are using new models that look fantastic.
- All grapples now have better physics performance for grabbing trees on the V2 Maps.
- All grapples have changes collisions for smoother more accurate grabs.
- Dangle grapples have been fixed so that they move slower and don't jerk around and get stuck in the air.
- All Trucks & Trailers have new aggressive mudding tires
- All Bunchers now have blades attached to machines so no need to purchase a "Buncher Blade" just turn the head on and cut.
- All Bunchers have new cut nodes and redone claws for very low cuts and very easy tree collection without glitches.
- New Machine "Grapple Saw Loader" has saw on grapple that can be turned on and off and lowered to cut trees.
- New Machine "Chipper" Used for cutting up bits left on the ground, just clears them doesn't turn them to chips.
- Processor has new model for the head, Proper rollers that turn and new claws for picking up more accurately.
- Processor head has been completely re-scripted for proper grabs and better control of cutting.
- Log trailers have had collision updates, new tires and better handling, also fixed trees sliding off when too full.
- Self Loader has been redone new grapple, added light to boom, fixed sliding when loaded to one side.
- Semi hauler has removed Airbrake sound (many people said it was annoying came on too much)
- Crane Loader has new claw an weights for picking up entire truck loads of wood without a problem.

FDR Logging

  • Daniel
    2017-02-17 12:03 Send message
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    Please make a winch/winch skidder mod !! (working winch)Anyways pure talent ! Awesome mods !!! really cool 1
  • Forestry
    2017-02-17 17:34 Send message
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    Creating mods in quantities and without any qualities, serves no purpose! Its mods was very beautiful on fs15 out, this is no longer the case on fs17 I find this really shame.Put together this criticism "constructive", thank you even for the sharing, and especially for this enormous work that you made for the communities.Hoping to see again one day on fs17 the qualities of its mods that was proposed on fs15.Friendly.
  • Bobbydube
    2017-02-17 20:56 Send message
    0 0
    The quality is like 150% better than FS2015 you ass hat, people like you are the reason we dont see these modders anymore how bout you shut your goddamn trap
  • Bobbydube eats weenies
    2017-02-18 00:18 Send message
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    What a shitty attempt at modding this pile of shit is. Not worth the download.
  • Lol


    2017-02-18 00:37 Send message
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    And here we have a fine example of idiots who do not know how to mod complaining about someone else's contribution to the community. Ive used these mods from day on and still have had no problems with them keep up the good work FDR
  • Telly
    2017-02-18 01:38 Send message
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    I have to agree. these still look pretty bad lol Like.. i dunno. the glass on the first machine in the video. Black glass with refelection. i assume this is because you cant do the animation for the dude running it? I love the idea of these mods but they still do look better. Glad you got the performance worked out though. Maybe give them to someone to actually retexture..
  • P8n8r
    2017-02-18 02:46 Send message
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    THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU I have been wating so long for these mods to get updated because the older versons weren't as good as many people said they were, but I'm SO happy for the fixes and getting rid of thw wasted/unused files to make it smaller and faster to download again THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Dreammaker
    2017-02-18 08:28 Send message
    0 0
  • Cant get in game
    2017-02-20 05:24 Send message
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    wont install in game for me unzipped a dozen times still wont work
  • Tim121672
    2017-02-20 06:46 Send message
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    If anyone has a problem with the machines driving to slow while using drive control install the gearbox mod also and the problem is solved...
  • Timbertin you tool
    2017-02-20 17:24 Send message
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    True not everyone can make mods, but FDR mods are the only ones I've used where the boom will move and the claw will be about a foot behind it, attached by invisible strings apparently. In the videos they intentionally move the booms very slow so you can barely see it, but they are utter shit. Bad textures also.
  • Dreammaker
    2017-02-20 18:15 Send message
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    i like them but small problem the claw in the middle don't move
  • Scyn
    2017-02-21 15:16 Send message
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    Because there's no keymapping in the actual scenario, and there's no mapping included when you hit F1, I've given up trying to operate the machines as much as I'd love to play with this modpack.
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