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[FDR Logging] - FS17 Machine Pack v1
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[FDR Logging] - FS17 Machine Pack v1

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This is the first FDR Logging Machine Pack for FS2017, most machines are tested working good but I imagine people will find issues I missed so do let me know if you find problems, message the facebook page!

FDR Logging

  • Warondar
    2016-10-28 15:45 Send message
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    Thanks again FDR Logging. Glad to see you working on making your logging mods work in FS17. Nice to see some people who at least know logging equipment and how we log in Canada and U.S. You don't see the likes of Ponsee type equipment very often in the bush here, hehe. Keep up the great work.
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-29 21:20 Send message
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    Here in northern Michigan we use Ponsee equipment every day. I run a Ponsee Bear but we also cut our wood to only 100" to fit the pulp mills here. I know its a stretch but could you guys make a trailer that holds the wood the other direction. Look up logging in the U.P. to see what I'm talking about. Thanks.
  • @tim121672
    2016-10-29 22:37 Send message
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    Build it your self guy I mean really its not hard.
  • Dreammaker
    2016-10-30 23:37 Send message
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    got a mod that you can make how about a trailer that can transport the crawlers
  • Nonnus
    2016-11-01 06:13 Send message
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    the only problem i see is the weight. If we not change the weight with GE we can not transport the machines in low loader. 130 tons is very heavy!
  • Fspro
    2016-11-04 19:33 Send message
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    the problem i see with this pack is that the heads on the ,machines point down. Is there a way to change that?
  • Dreammaker
    2016-11-06 05:46 Send message
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    the wheel on the mouse push down and move mouse fspro
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-24 01:29 Send message
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    can you make a gooseneck trailer that has ramps pls
  • Wirtzie98
    2016-12-17 20:57 Send message
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    how do I get these to be usable
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