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FDR Logging - Grapple Skidder V1
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FDR Logging - Grapple Skidder V1

FDR Logging - Grapple Skidder V1
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Author: FDR Logging

FDR Logging

  • More junk
    2016-12-07 17:03 Send message
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    honestly, what is the deal with all these shitty logging mods. lol, have some pride ppl, put in an honest effort or have someone with more skill do it for you
  • Loggerjohn
    2016-12-07 23:19 Send message
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    his mods are the best logging mods made for this game series id sure like to see you make something better oh right you cant cause your a useless troll :O
  • Shit
    2016-12-08 22:39 Send message
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    no man, these are literally some of the shittiest mods made. no lie. never see any legit big names use them in videos or post pics. there's your evidence. total shit FDR, go back to learning the basics and please use edge split modifiers.... it really isnt hard
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