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Hello this is the Fendt 1000 Vario series (1038, 1042, 1046, 1050) with IC, and Fendt weight 3300kg.
I think you know my mod now, i don't write all the specialisation, i write only what is changed in this version V1.4
Built new cover (3d)
Built new mirror(3d)
add design configuration(Black beauty,Green beauty,Chrome parts)
add wheel broad(Trelleborg TM1000)
add anim(mirror,gps,indoor camera,screen variotronic changed with tools and trailer)
anim stick brake park
Rebuilt some parts (3d)
Changed all motor configuration
Now daschboard and gps on/off with motor
Add led blinker when trailer attached
Courseplay supported(tested by me)
This tractor is full wippers,back loader,differents wheel and more configuration,specialisation
Version V1.4 patch 1.4
Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33


  • Themarcel
    2017-02-10 17:54
  • Scored
    2017-02-10 18:23
    Good work, thanks.Perhaps can you add the 1050 Sport Type of this tractor?
  • Farmer17
    2017-02-10 18:23
    Fantastic mod.thx.
  • Steph3354
    2017-02-10 18:35
    @SCORED,what is it the 1050 Sport type?
  • Gaec24
    2017-02-10 19:28
    This mod is wonderfull very good job.5/5.thank you
  • Wtf


    2017-02-10 20:09
    This already was the best tractor in the game and it's going to be better. A MUST have mod, thanks again Steph354
  • Wolle
    2017-02-10 22:59
    thanks for this great traktor
  • Geerinkc
    2017-02-11 19:02
    merci steph33
  • Farmer1602
    2017-02-11 19:24
    Merci Stephane pour ce nouveau partage de ton travail magnifique et soigné. Je charge et je test.
  • Topgun
    2017-02-12 15:26
    Le meilleurs tracteur que j'ai testé !Magnifique ^^
  • Steph3354
    2017-02-12 15:35
    Merci,thank you.
  • Topgun
    2017-02-12 22:06
    Part contre, je ne sais pas si ses un bug !Mais quand j'ai la remorque attaché, je ne peut pas faire pivoter le siège vert l'arrière ?Je suis obliger de la détacher !Il lui manque plus que l'ordinateur fonctionnelle :D Sinon grand bravo encore.
  • Steph3354
    2017-02-12 22:25
    @TOPGUN,il n'y a pas de beug,lorsque tu accroches une remorque le selecteur se met automatiquement sur l'outil que tu viens d'accrocher(icon en bas a droite).Tu dois selectionner ton tracteur(icon)pour pouvoir retourner le siege en faisant ctrl+b.Sur le coup la c'est toi qui beug;-).
  • Topgun
    2017-02-13 11:46
    Ah oki alors MDR !
  • Gaec 24
    2017-02-13 17:48
    Hi,je ne suis pas pro Fendt,mais la j'avoue que c'est une tres belle realisation.niveau de détails fonction etc...Respect a vous Step33.
  • Jhon
    2017-02-13 18:05
    HI,Steph33,thank you,best mod FS17.
  • Ed


    2017-02-18 20:04
    Hello friend, thank you for this wonderful mod! I really loved it! I have found only one minor bug (I think): on the twin tyres setup, the back wheels/tyres are bending alot along the Y axis when making curves, specially along bumpy roads (like a car with camber problems, I guess)... they keep bending to both sides and won't stay flat to the ground when making curves. It doesn't happen on the single tyres setup, only duals. Anyway, thanks again.
  • Anton
    2017-02-22 08:39
    How to fix bug on wheels?http://i.imgur.com/IodpasZ.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/SDSqUaF.jpgThank you for mod. Best tractor!
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