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FENDT 500 Vario v1.0.0.0
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FENDT 500 Vario v1.0.0.0

Manufacturer: FENDT
Model: 500 Vario
Max Speed: 50 km / h
Price: 164000€
Maintenance: 148€ / day

Properties both versions:
- New indoor and outdoor Lights
- Basecolor selection: nature Green, reseda green, moss green, red, orange, black
- Rimcolor selection: red, grey
- Design selection of front grid: standard grey, silver line
- Tyre configurations: standard, wheel weights, narrows, twin wheels back, nokian
- Motor configuration: 513 Vario, 514 Vario, 516 Vario
- Attachable frontloader
- Animations: left door, back window, top window, PTO pin, steering frame when boarding
- Extras: animated front hydraulics and steering column spring cuffs

Properties only on PC/MAC:
- Joystick, seat suspension
- Interactive Control, Boot-Monitor, Player Hand Fix, Speed Joystick, Dynamic Hoses, Seat Suspension
- Extras: animated chair cuff springs
- More Realistic ready
- Gearbox ready

Any removal of the components or publication of the mod under another link in other forums is prohibited!

SimuFreunde / Ahran Modding

  • Fs17vmods
    2018-06-22 23:02
    The front tires need more air
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