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Fendt Favorit Pack v1.0
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Fendt Favorit Pack v1.0

Fendt Favorit 10s, 4s, 12s, 610s, 611s, 612s, and 614s Beta since not finished (textures are still reworked, parts rebuilt and Aos re-done !!!) Comes only to the DL because of the great demand! The front loader is a self-construction just like we did in real !! Fendt Favorit 10s, 4s, 12s with front loader. Fendt Favorit 12s, 610s, 611s, 612s, and 614s with front hydraulics. Front loader, front hydraulics, front weight, stirrups and various covers can be bought!


  • 82kbody
    2017-02-09 05:08
    Impressive! more great mods, would like some schluters!
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