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FENDT TRISIX choix des roues: normales,jumellages choix moteur : vario T : 500ch   proto : 1250ch  100% fonctionnel sous fs17,log 100% sans erreur.


  • Stallion69
    2017-04-09 00:47
    this is nice but it does not work right
  • Kohlerlove69
    2017-04-09 02:15
    love this mod works great for me thx
  • @kohlerlove69
    2017-04-09 04:07
    because you're too retarded to know any better
  • Faelandaea
    2017-04-09 04:42
    I made a couple of edits in Giants Editor and she works beautifully. Odd behavior out of the box, but after the edits it is a sweet edition tot he Fendt fleet. And the edits are insanely easy to do. Thanks, uploader.
  • Randomdude
    2017-04-09 09:59
    Hey Faelandaea-I too like this mod, but te textures are not so great.is ther any way that i can get your slightly edited version?
  • Ruud
    2017-04-15 12:29
    lot of power looks like nothing can stop this fendt. only one point of criticism the engine sound is terrible
  • Daniel
    2017-04-15 23:01
    this mod is very nice i like it meby you can pack of rupsband the mod is great thanks
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