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Ford 7000 forces v1.0
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Ford 7000 forces v1.0

Hello once more farmers
I present a new modification tractor ford 7000 forces 1.0
Contains no errors in the registry and is fully functional
store data
name: ford 7000
power 120
maxSpeed 29
Price> 24000
dailyUpkeep 50
If they find a bug  leave it in the comments please
Wait for more actializations for this mod
As always many hours of work, I hope and have fun


  • The_commentator
    2017-02-17 11:44
    There is a binding error on this tractor, so no F1 menu :(
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-17 21:07
    Mod Hub has a server to upload that stuff too why dont you try using direct upload for a change instead of all them shit sites full bs pop ups to screw with thats just stupid shit
  • Vegueta
    2017-02-17 22:06
    The errors it marks is because the front loader is not configured yetI forgot to remove the purchase option ..But I'm already working on the new updatTHAWK09: modhub me da la opcion de ganar un poco de dinero subiendo enlaces, y los usuarios no pagan por descargar, los enlaces externos son la unica opcion para mi estoy agradecido con esta pagina por dejar mis enlaces externos, no puedo subir descargas directas por que tengo que ganar un poco de dinero por mis hora
  • Fordpower
    2017-02-19 00:20
    hello Vegueta,can you help me with convert? i will that pack from this tractor convert to 2017 can you help me with thit?
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