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Ford Dump v1.0
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Ford Dump v1.0

Ford Dump for Farming simulator 17
Price 60000, maintenance 300, the choice of engines.
Body volume 10000 liters
Author mod: SilverReelModding, Duramax_Nation


  • James
    2018-08-16 20:18
    is this from the same group that made that error machine the chevy 4500 , and i bet someone is going to say this is stolen in which case nobody cares especially I !!
  • James
    2018-08-16 20:19
    after looking at the file size I am going to answer my own question and say it is and it prob has a ton of errors as well lol
  • Faelandaea
    2018-08-16 20:24
    No screenshots of interior. So I have to pass anyway on this. I am one of the few that actually likes to operate machinery from first person view, and this truck has absolutely no interior at all just from looking at the 1 screenshot that is here.
  • Nick
    2018-08-16 21:51
    At 336 Mb, they should concentrate on finishing their school homework instead.
  • Bed dont dump
    2018-08-17 09:13
    bed does not dump
  • Clueless
    2018-08-21 03:25
    yall have no idea who creates these mods XD
  • Koalat
    2018-08-27 02:20
    ^^ when the authors are clearly noted in the desc... xD
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