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Ford F-450 SUEPERDUTY v1.0
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Ford F-450 SUEPERDUTY v1.0

Hello one more time farmers
Here I present a new modification Ford F-450 SUEPERDUTY autoload
Is not 100% complete but fully functional XD
The interior is not nice yet
hp 500
max speed 132
2 types of desing
3 types of tires to choose
Has lights
Has a footprint on the wheels
Has fastening bands
and more
Wait for more updates for this mods
I always have many hours of work, have fun
If they find some error leave it in the comments.


  • Zandre
    2017-06-16 21:06
    Hey Vegueta I love the Ram you made its not to "over detailed" it runs great on my PC but my PC, its not one of the best. This mod looks fantastic but I must please ask if you can make them with less triangles it just eats my PC and I get like 25fps and I use the Ram on every map and the Ram gives 60fps. The rams triangle count I feel is overall best. Please.
  • Hey p*ssy
    2017-10-14 04:09
    get a better PC!!!
  • Shut up p*ssy
    2018-06-29 18:57
    he has a good pc dont judge him p*ssy
  • I liek turtles
    2018-09-26 02:56
    hey dipshit! its not a ram look at the name of mod dipshit bitch
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