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Ford F450 v1.0
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Ford F450 v1.0

A truck that is a POS and has no use to it at all.

Faq boy north west gaming , all the credits go to secret group that is not allowed to be said

  • Guest
    2017-07-13 00:31
    Admin i need the chevy pic to be taken down i uploaded it by accident
  • Sturdy
    2017-07-13 11:14
    you sick ? 112 mb for the machine?????
  • Mother of god
    2017-07-13 13:31
    you guys need to learn to mod my god. it is 2017 and your textures and scripting are total shit... Poor guy that you bought the model form
  • Dominic
    2017-07-13 21:10
    You better take this down it's not yours
  • Ervingamez
    2017-07-14 00:21
    @DOMINIC part of it is my buddys so no its not fully Carters so fuck off
  • Ervingamez
    2017-07-14 00:26
    @DOMINIC Also the truck was stolen from Grand theft auto so its actually it is not his and, the bed end equipment was also stolen from my buddy.
  • Roguemod
    2017-07-14 04:04
    well this mod is one giant steaming pile of crap!!!!!!!
  • @roguemod
    2017-07-14 06:05
    Well at least the description of the mod is accurate
  • Koalat
    2017-07-15 00:48
    All y'all bitching about stolen shit lol relax it's not like it's real and tangible. Get over yourselves. You made the parts have them stored on your computer so nothing is stolen you cucks.
  • Ervingamez
    2017-07-15 03:07
    @KOALAT if he has taken them and released them without asking then its stealing
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-16 14:03
    mod video here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJKM7BVUEuY
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