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Ford Pack Farming simulator 17 v1.0
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Ford Pack Farming simulator 17 v1.0

Hello here I have for my Ford Pack

Are included
Ford 7710
Ford 8630
Ford TW-25
Ford 8830
County 8210
County, 1884

All have standard and wide tires of the 7710 plus maintenance tire
TW-25 and 8830 plus rear twins
All can change weights and front hydraulics except the county 1884 which has only weights
Doors and rear window via IC
Log is error-free
Hope you have fun with it
Lg schlueterfan1977

Modell: giants/schlueterfan1977
Textur: giants/schlueterfan1977
Script: giants/schlueterfan1977
Idee / Konzept: giants/schlueterfan1977
Tester: giants/schlueterfan1977
Sonstige: giants/schlueterfan1977

  • Hallfastrac
    2017-04-23 15:23
    Now these are nice mods far better than most of the rubbish uploaded on here, mods should be as near to the actual model your modding to make the game as near to real life as possible a casing point today on a mod on here i worked on the farm for 40 yrs never used a trailer that held 175 tonnes it would have had to be 120 ft long lol
  • Roy
    2017-04-24 00:50
    Hello Lg schlueterfan1977, this is the best tractor mod I have found so far. It is clear you have paid close attention to the detail of the tractors and have put a lot of work into this mod. I would give it a 10 star rating on how good this mod is as it has no issues and the tractors are great. Adding onto the detail of the tractors, I used to be a farmer and the detail you have put on the tractors are very accurate and are very realistic.
  • Bumpmystump
    2017-04-24 15:06
    Love the overall mod, however just a point I noticed with these tractors. They all have different power ratings but the xml file shows that they all have the same HP (which is around 150hp figure. I had to go into the XML and change the ratios to make them to the hp listed. Other then that nice tractors.
  • Jojoagri
    2017-04-25 19:37
    tes bon mods sauf qui manque des gyrophare
  • Jake
    2017-04-30 02:14
    This is easily one of the best mods out there, and since this is a Ford mod, this is very rare. I wish though that the interiors were a bit different across the range, but they are all of great quality. The power however doesn't seem right, but I have put 3 hours on my 8830 PS within one day of having this mod, and everything works! I hope you do the 70 series next, and keep up the good work!
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