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FS17 Blank Map v1.0
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FS17 Blank Map v1.0

This map is perfect for all you that want a small map. just kidding
I have made a mod map from the new data map from game. They map has sugarCane. I have added the 2X animals and I have added the following crops: oats, sorghum, sudangrass, cotton, tobacco, peanut, alfalfa, clover, compost, lime and seed2. The map loads and can be played as is if you want nothing on map. It has fields some are own you will need to resize to the fields you want. I have small equipment basic in game. Nothing else. The ground and textures are set for clay. I have left the originals of game map in they will have a 1 at the end of names. This is the standard size map.

Giants, BlackSheep - RC-Devil, JB3 Modding

  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-05-21 14:22
    infoLayer animals 0 1 2 animals2, 4 5 6 radius cows 1.2 sheep and pigs 0.7 and chicken is 0.15 The map needs to be open with notepad +++ and go to if your map has 4 it needs to change to 16 It should look like this If your map has cotton entered twice in the additionalMapTypes remove one. I am now re uploading the map with corrections.
  • Gws


    2018-05-21 19:29
    I Just wasted my time downloading this blank map. Sure wish someone would put one on the site with all those fruits that works because this one is a piece of junk, nothing works!
  • Guest
    2018-05-21 21:48
    Try putting in mods folder and load the map you can play the map with no buildings. It has fields that load with crops. I you taken the time and see it for yourself. We are waiting for you mod map. So we can trash your work.
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