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FS17 car box trailer v1.1
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FS17 car box trailer v1.1

fix version of thhe 1.0
has working ramps side door and lights

Rambow145/richborba1 for the mod

scripts racetime911/saliger/rich boral

edited and ported over by racetime911 saliger

  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-04 21:07 Send message
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    FYI its still not Right I can see from pic back door needs a cubemap added wheels set half in ground This is just what I See From Picture Just Saying So you know what needs work still Plus that Big Of trailer May help Chrome stand Out Some If Body Was Using A rough Cube Instead of A cubeMap Just A little help info
  • Blackbelt
    2017-06-05 00:22 Send message
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    please fix the tires not hitting the ground and other bugs with it. if the log is clean it still does not mean its fine there is still alot to fix
  • Genius
    2017-06-05 22:36 Send message
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    First off none of you have said it correctly, so all of you are useless Geniuses. Idiots, how many times do we have to say it STOP USING FS11 or FS13 Cubemaps, they look like crap! Add the FS17 cube maps and you'll see a difference. Wheels is a piece of cake to fix, it's called WHEEL RADIUS increase that using the DEV mode for the Game until the ring is the same size as the wheel.
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-05 23:29 Send message
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    @Genius First of all I'm Not no damn tutor for fs 17 so I said it like I Meant to If they figure it out or know what to do that's fine but if they don't that is what the fs forum is for so the only idiot I see here is you for trying to start Shit so go fly A kite in a thunderstorm dipshit
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-05 23:32 Send message
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    Second of all what ever gets done to it its still going to be POS the dam thing is built with the roof and side walls A foot thick so there is no room inside
  • @genius
    2017-06-06 04:33 Send message
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    you are definitely NOT a genius, not even close pal.
  • Name
    2020-04-09 21:07
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    comment to my utube
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