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FS17 Grim Pack v1.0
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FS17 Grim Pack v1.0

FS17 Grim Pack V1
Peterbilt 388 Truck
875 HP Speed 60
Trailers Bulk Washable! No Errors in Log!
Credits: Eric, Ats, James, Bartman_78, FS17 Giants Software, Eagle355th, OXEN1966, Paul Redshaw, tipping by sean pierce, Otis Little Bear Modding

Eric,Ats,James,Bartman_78,FS17 Giants Software,Eagle355th,OXEN1966,Paul Redshaw,tipping by sean pierce,Otis Little Bear Modding

  • Gary
    2018-11-25 18:06
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    Hi Eagle355th I love these trucks and trailers you have been doing. I found an older Grave diger set with dolly's with them. I would love to use the tri dolly that is included in that set. But I cant seam to get it to work. Thanks enjoy your mods
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