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FS17 The Great Plains of USA v1.0
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FS17 The Great Plains of USA v1.0

This map is of the Plains of USA it has alot of flat fields and some that on rolling hills. I have most of the fields buyable there is 117 marked fields. Some of fields you own and I
put in marshes in fields as they have in western states that have marshes reserved for waterfowls. Those fields need to remind player owned. It has the default crops with sugarCane with
new foliage texture and the you extra crops: oat, rye, sorghum, sudangrass, corn2, hops, peanut, cotton, tobacco, rice, millet, spelt, triticale, blackbean, luzerne, and clover. The
corn2 and sudangrass is for silage. The fill types are: compost, seeds2, cornDistillers(liquid), digestate1(feed), DistillersCorn(feed), biogas, lime, boards, emptyPallets and to many to
list. You have orchards, apple, orange, plum, pear and cherry, and Coffee orchard. I have included 4 mod Trains, CN train, Union Pacific, KCS, Missouri Pacific. I have put the 4
 map01_trainSystems that is set for the default train. I have included the 4 for mod trains all you need is remove the 4 and the other 4 has a, b, c, and e you will need to remove the
letters and your set up in map. You will need to unzip the mod trains and put them in the data/vehicles folder of game. Directios to do this is with the UnzipModTrains.zip.
Note: The railroad crossing signal only work with mod trains. Have fun

all farm fenceing and sheds for maps is by: sandgroper
Pioneer and dekaulb pallets textures by jb3pc4sale
other seed pallets and fertilizers by SF_unpack_me by Wellano920
Danke an alle Modder white hogs
fenceing by: (C) All Rights Reserved - Sandgroper 3rd June, 2011 added barbwire, jb3pc4sale
American Hog and cattle barns by 812famer
Union Pacific 8774 by sixgun
railroad_track_set Based on model and textures © 2016 GIANTS Software GmbH. Edited by estyx.
mobile homes DocElyoc
Autorzy:Model: GoldFoxTekstura: GoldFox Testy/Pomoc: Artek23
CBJ Midwest Modding american buildings 48x80SheepfBarn 48x82CalfBarn 50x80Barn 56x72Shop_17 72x150_Building_FS17.
Craig: Modeling Details, Texture, and Ingame 120x110FreeStallBarn LiveStockSaleBarn_FS17
Brent: Base Model
Justin: Building Dimensions and Concept
Karmarj: Steel Diffuse Textures
Giants: Straw
Calf: Unknown Source for new main farm
werksett Herzlichen Dank an Mike-Modding
siloLime JohnDeere1952
If I forgot anybody I'm sorry.

  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-13 22:33
    I forgot to add the map testers: Bob Hastings, Slowboat thank you both for your help
  • Tasja
    2018-01-14 00:47
    Unable at this time to download, will try again tomorrow and hope it will be possible, download was halfway then suddenly got cut off, retrying resulted in 0kb downloads.
  • Blacky
    2018-01-14 02:25
    i downloaded the map mod and it worked for me
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-14 18:30
    grape not funktion, shit
  • @tasja
    2018-01-14 19:14
    got to 71 percent and shut down mate tryed 3 times get to same point shuts down. ill be ok better maps already downloaded
  • Great map
    2018-01-14 20:09
    great map thanks
  • Serega
    2018-01-15 09:40
    JB3PC4SALEHi, there are defects on your cards.one and too .. and you do not do anything with them ..but with these shortcomings, playon your cards, there is no desire
  • Serega
    2018-01-15 10:08
    JB3PC4SALEhttps://www.facebook.com/zakhar.maslov.10 Look here in the screenshots
  • Ralli-modhosterteam
    2018-01-15 15:15
    Den Dreck kannste bei uns Modhoster.de/com anbieten. Schande
  • Faelandaea
    2018-01-15 19:17
    The mod author removed the download. I guess this page can be removed. Shame. Was going to do a mod review on this one.
  • Raven2971
    2018-01-15 22:43
    some stuff need fix some buildings floating logic center from mavricks list stuff that not on this map started it and gave up on it hope there is a update with all the productions it needs
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-16 02:33
    I have fix the distillersCorn, fix grape added to storages North end, more fermenters, Got Luzerne be able to cut with combine, forage harvester clover just harvester, I'll take another look at logic center I didn't see it floating. download link I didn't do anything to it. double check that. Luzerne needs to be cut with forage harvester header direct cutter until i get update finished.
  • Ereedks
    2018-01-16 13:17
    @JB3PC4SALE, the download doesn't work. When one clicks the link, Mediafire states "Generating new download key". After a few seconds a "continue" button appears. If you click that, it starts the process again. If you don't it times out after thirty seconds and starts all over. The URL shows there's a problem 'http://www.mediafire.com/download_repair.php?qkey=3d2n3673jyhppaa&origin=server_error'.
  • Chiefcdog
    2018-01-16 17:51
    I downloaded the map from Mediafire with no problems.
  • Faelandaea
    2018-01-17 04:01
    Yup. I waited and checked back today and same thing. Just keeps looping on "Generating new download key". The mod author has thus restricted the download to only those with the proper key whom he shared the key with. You have to have this and be logged in to be able to download the map.
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