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First off an most importantly I would like to thank anyone that has provided models, suppoort, advice, criticism and motivation for the making of this map. There are far too many people to ever possibly remember that I would like to thank, so if you do not see your name included in this list please do not take it personally as I did not purposely leave you out.

There are some people that I feel deserve a special mention and they are included below along with their specific contributions.

CBJ Midwest Modding - Buildings/Objects, Resources, Ideas.
DR Modding - Initial design and Idea, Terrain Sculpting, Object Placement, Field Placement, Scripting, Textures, Signs/Logos, etc...
Roger Stanley - Mapping, Sell Points, Animals, Advice, Resources, Ideas, Testing, Vehicles (Mod Pack)
Bart Manning - Advice, Textures, Resources, Ideas, Vehicles (mod Pack)
DeverKins22 - Testing, Streaming, Ideas.
Blitz Batalion Gaming - Testing, Streaming, Ideas.
Blue Web - Advice, Foilage.
RandomSparks - Buildings, Objects, Resources.
Tyler Matzen - Testing
Brian Taylor - Tractor Edits (Mod Pack)
Pascal FS Modding - Objects (Sign Pack)

As I said before, there are many names that could have been added to this list. I mean no disrespect to anyone that was not mentioned. I appreciate everyone that has contributed to the making of this map. 


This is still currently a WIP and is being released as an OPEN BETA. All stock FS17 features are currently working and the map shows no errors in the log. There are additional features that will be implemented into the map at a later date. I do plan on updating this map and continuing to support its development. If you notice any issues with the map please let me know by contacting me on facebook @DRMODMAP.

***Mod Pack - The majority of the items included in the mod pack are not originals. Many of them are edits and convertions from FS15. The credits go to the original authors. Thank you for making the models and releasing them to be used.***

Full Support is on there Facebook page 


  • Blacky
    2017-08-20 16:56
    your map doesn't show up in the game bummer would've been good map to play though
  • @blacky
    2017-08-20 17:26
    it shows in in game just fine for me if ur haveing issues with the map please let him know by contacting him on facebook @DRMODMAP and he can help you fix whats going on becuse he wont see it if u post it here
  • Tickle
    2017-08-21 02:07
    it dos not showup map it not in folder
  • Tickle
    2017-08-21 02:08
    all I get is trucks pluse im new to it but worked out how to use mods
  • Ag hauler
    2017-08-21 04:48
    You have to download all three links to get everything needed to run the map. It is a beautiful map. It has a couple of issues but for the most part this is by far one of the better put together maps for FS17.
  • Tickle
    2017-08-22 00:00
    ag hauler thanks for info but I think the map will be too big to run on a laptop wise it would looks like a good map I always run the map for 100 hours be for I make a comment going to upgrade for this reson to test maps and give a honest comment not like trolls .
  • Faelandaea
    2017-08-22 00:59
    Blacky actually is indeed a troll. His entire comment history is indeed him saying that x-mod doesn't work. I've spoken to him before as well and he is very anti-mod, so he uses those comments to try to drive people away from modding games. Don't listen to that kid. Anyway, the map runs great. Well optimized. My PC is low end and my performance is off the charts with this map. I plan to make some videos on this map for sure. Thank you very much, DRModding, for this creation.
  • Evertp
    2017-08-22 03:11
    Indeed a great map, and for a beta its good to play on , also on mp, great thx for it DRModding great job.
  • Tickle
    2017-08-23 01:13
    need help please down loaded all files still can get it work and its all ive got in mod folder.
  • Blacky
    2017-08-23 01:30
    ARREST MY Case i am not putting DRP modding map at all it's awesome map mod but it don;t work i like to play it
  • Hmadsen
    2017-08-23 18:30
    Great stuff, but some mods needs to be fixed . Thanks
  • An.emo.weeb
    2017-08-24 11:33
    This is 1 of the best maps ive played on yet has the best old fashion farm ive seen yet pls if the creator sees this pls put the cows in the red barn or in the pasture right next to it and ik its in beta but i love this map and i see a good future for this map so pls fix the outer side of the map i rate 5 stars and thx for this map.
  • @blacky
    2017-08-24 12:59
    Boy you just can't stop talking like retard can you. What's funny is everyone else is getting the map lol. Keep talking tuff little boy. Just keep sounding like some inbreed retard lol. Like I said I have the map and plays just fine. Make one more comment little boy can't wait to see more of your bullshit typing. Keep righting in Caps I think it's funny oh wait your yelling at your computer lmfao. People wonder what is wrong with todays youth perfect example BLACKY the TROLL.
  • @blacky
    2017-08-24 13:03
    What school you did you got to retards of the south? Or was it inbreed retards of the south? I would say in your case a little bit of both.
  • Blacky
    2017-08-26 20:01
    i am playing awesome better american map that works got it off a another site. this map mod doesn't work hahaha
  • Faelandaea
    2017-09-17 21:13
    Blacky is apparently still having serious issues. "The map doesn't run" ... right ... that's why I have a ton of YouTube videos of this map being played. I'd say make a YT video of your game crashing, but that won;t happen ... because unlike reliable folks like myself who actually know how to communicate with the community, you have nothing to show.You are, therefore, dismissed.
  • American farmer
    2017-09-18 22:52
    Hey all, I downloaded this map via seeing it on YT and I did as I usually do with any mods, equipment and/or maps and I can't seem to get the map to show up in the map selection screen. I've extracted all the files numerous times but yet map doesn't show but it's in my mod folder. Can I get lil help pls and ty.
  • Nick
    2018-05-18 18:33
    Top job, I deleted all the US flags, too many and over the top, apart from that its a very good map.
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