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FS17 Wilson Step Deck Pack v1.0
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FS17 Wilson Step Deck Pack v1.0

Here it Wilson Step Deck Pack. MUST UNZIP then place in mods folder. The first trailer is a standard trailer that has 16 straps to hold bales and other pallets. The second trailer is and ar style with tanks to support sprayers and also is the one you use with the sprayer cradle. This trailer also has straps to hold things down. The sprayer cradle folds up so you can refill the trailer and drive down the road easier also the ramps are mouse controlled. The third trailer is a sprayer support trailer. Please keep these on fs-uk and AEM. As that is the only support I will offer is these sites.
Happy Farming

812farmer-model, textures
braindead4554-help and testing
killerrf-motor texture

  • Zzzzz
    2016-12-17 03:46
    is the standard trailer auto load or not & does it have ability to haul bales/pallets on step deck., as i would like to see a auto load Wilson step deck for FS17.
  • Tbg980
    2016-12-18 17:26
    were could i find the truck
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