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FS17 Pack MF 9895 By BOB51160 v1.0
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FS17 Pack MF 9895 By BOB51160 v1.0

Bonjour a tous,aujourd'hui je vous présente pour  FS17 Pack MF 9895 By BOB51160,se pack comprend la moissoneuse MF9895 et 2 barres de coupe,pour plus de détail voir les photos ci jointe bon jeu a tous. BOB51160.

Hello everyone, today I present to you for FS17 Pack MF 9895 By BOB51160, this pack includes the MF9895 harvester and 2 cutter bars, for more details see the photos attached good game everyone. BOB51160.

Hallo allerseits, heute präsentiere ich euch das FS17 Pack MF 9895 Von BOB51160 enthält dieses Pack den MF9895 Harvester und 2 Mähbalken. Weitere Details finden Sie auf den beigefügten Fotos. gutes Spiel an alle. BOB51160.

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  • Name
    2020-03-13 13:03
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    this is CASE!!!
  • Name
    2020-03-13 13:05
    3 1
  • Case ih
    2020-03-13 13:19
    1 1
    Non s'est comme le port salue,s'est écris dessus...LOL.
  • Bigtoe
    2020-04-06 20:47
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    This is a great idea for FS17 if you play Factory Farm. Like the corn and grain head very much. Two issues. 1. The corn head need to harvest as fast as the grain. 9 mph isn't enough. 2. When the harvester reaches around 299,000 it will not reverse. The suspension on the front will not hold 450k. The corn head harvesting at 24 mph would be very cool. Thanks.
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