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FS17 TR WorkTruck v1
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FS17 TR WorkTruck v1

Don't upload or share outside of this group, for all the dyslexic, immature kids, idiots... leave it in your mods folder, take it out when you don't want it. Enjoy

Tyler Roland

  • Hans nielsen
    2017-05-29 15:06
    woooa nice FS08 texture, dude those modders rock... LMAO
  • Thijs1239
    2017-05-29 16:29
    This is my model that I converted where are my credits?
  • Donald koon
    2017-05-29 17:01
    This is my model that i bought and in-gamed for 15. Get the facts right before credit war fighting.
  • Name
    2017-05-29 19:14
    can some fix the back up lights so they aren't on all the time otherwise great mod
  • Fuck you koon
    2017-05-29 20:56
    Crying over a mod you bought lmfao that is so sad you want it kept to your fuck head group then don't release it simple as that. Same thing for the rest of you retards. That all THIJS1239 and Koon are good at crying over a fucking game just like the rest of these retards.
  • Lmao
    2017-05-29 21:16
    hear we go another Monday for people to cry over a mod getting uploaded to mod hub..
  • Roguemod
    2017-05-29 21:26
    This is my MOD and I say let the people have it!!!!!!
  • Schnur gaming (caleb schnur)
    2017-05-29 22:32
    YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO POST THIS TO MOD HUB!! You are the imature kid that this description is talking about. Now the guy who made this truck is making all his mod private THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU!! This is why I do not release my mods anywhere!
  • Lmfao
    2017-05-30 00:45
    Look at all the cry baby bitches in here crying over a digital item. Y'all need to go to Rotten Ronnies and get y'all a whaaaamburger and french cries.....then we can call you a whaaaaaambulance for your hurt feelings. Grow the fuck up.
  • Donald alan koon
    2017-05-30 01:04
    i havent even comment on it unit now who ever the fuck is useing my name needs to stop i left all of the fs drama in the past i dont need the crap to deal with just grow up and stop i can care less that the trucks out and everyone useing it
  • Trucker3876
    2017-05-30 01:12
    its fine lets all calm down!:-(
  • Koalat
    2017-05-31 03:30
    I love when people cry about mods being released publically. It is the Internet, nobody cares. DOn't want anyone else to have it, don't release it or share it with anyone; keep it to yourself mate. For fucks sake you're all immature....
  • Name
    2017-06-05 15:10
    For anyone who complains about a mod uploadex too sites needs to grow up because if you post in a group or on a page in the Facebook network means its public for anybody to take change and upload, most mods posted on sites have been on sites before then reworked or converted, too many people cry or get angry but to be honest your at fault for sharing in the first place
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