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Funkstreifenwagen 2017 NRW v1.0 by B3nny
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Funkstreifenwagen 2017 NRW v1.0 by B3nny

As a thank you for more than 66,000 subscribers to my channel & the fact that we have over 15,000 downloads on the LS15er version of FUSTW (patrol car), I publish the name of the team to Funkstreifenwagen for Farming Simulator 2017. It reached me a lot of messages / comments on the Mod & here we have it for you! We have come up with some very special new features! There is finally realistic blue light, real headlights, siren, stop flash, warning board, stern Warner, LED lights and more!

Among the features:
Blue light = Pos1
Martin Horn = numpad 6
Stop flash = M
Ölspur = numpad 4
Accident = numpad 5
Real light = F
LED indicators = numpad 1.3
LED warning flasher = numpad 2
Heck Warner = numpad 8

There are a few more features hidden) Seek and ye shall find!
If you like the mod, give him but please 5 star, give a recommendation for the mod and pressing on bedank you! :) THANK YOU VERY MUCH! <3
We wish you lots of fun with the FUSTW! remains securely on the Your City!

Modell: B3nny
Textur: Fire3
Script: Fire3/Paulb/B3nny
Idee / Konzept: B3nny
Sonderfunktionen: Paulb
Tester: B3nny, Paulb
Konvertierung: Paulb

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