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GCV Old Guy Farms Edit v1.0
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GCV Old Guy Farms Edit v1.0

Welcome to the Old Guy Farms edit of Gold Crest Valley map. This is version 1 and there are lot's of changes to the standard map so please go explore. There is now an independent silo system at each farm and no magical pipe joining them. Each holds 100,000 ltrs. There are major changes to each of the farms along with a number of changes to several sell points. There are now 2 straw/hay sell points.
Sorry the PDA is still of the original GCV but all the markers are where they need to be. This will get updated in a future update.
If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at the Old Guy Gaming FB group

Old Guy Farmer

  • John2248
    2017-01-29 18:49
    No file
  • Oldguyfarm
    2017-01-29 19:05
    Thanx dropbox is a bunch of idiots and have disabled my dropbox
  • Flaming
    2017-01-29 19:27
    i cant download it
  • Oldguyfarm
    2017-01-29 19:40
    I have fixed the problem and am trying to get the link changed have re uploaded it just waiting for aproval
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