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Gearbox AddOn v2.0.0.9
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Gearbox AddOn v2.0.0.9

Not every tractor has a continuously variable transmission.
And even the continuously variable transmissions are not as simple in construction as the standard one in farming simulator.
This script adds on the basis of the file gearboxAddonConfig.xml a gearbox to all configured tractors.
Many various transmission kinds can be simulated. There are classic gearboxes with gears, one or two groups and reverse gears or groups.
Shorting the response time to zero will result into a power shift transmission.
In modern tractors power shift transmissions are often combined with automatic gear shifting. Another transmission type is the continuously variable transmissions.
There are models with one or two gears like the Fendt Vario.
Other models combine four automatically switched mechanical gears with a continuously variable hydrostatic drive.
All of these continuously variable transmission have one thing in common. The efficiency varies quite strongly depending on the gear ratio.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer n/a
Category Other
Author Mogli aka Biedens
Size 0.26 MB
Released 23.01.2017
Platform PC/MAC

Mogli aka Biedens

  • Tim121672
    2017-01-24 02:34
    Just tried this for the first time today, I love it, don't know why I waited so long. Very nice work!
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