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Giants Elite Reloaded v3.1
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Giants Elite Reloaded v3.1

The map was rebuilt from scratch, there are about 850 hours of work in the map.

Version 3.1

Version 3.0
Traffic inserted
Floating trees removed
added more plantations
Lighthouse bug removed
Train increased to 260 km / h
Bug train splits fixed

The map consists of four maps:

Many details and large forests characterize the map.
The fields also have something for everyone, whether large or small fields, whether quadrangular or polygonal fields. The choice is up to you.
Have fun with the map. :-)
!!! The complete map has been updated to the latest version of the LS 2017 and tested in single as in multiplayer !!!
Additionally installed were:
Version 1.0: The water trough addon
In the following versions maybe a few new animals and factory script objects will be installed.

Thanks for the objects:
Katsuo (Agrarteam Franken)
Steffen30Muc (Agrarteam Franken)
Basti Pickel (Agrarteam Franken)
GSI Flash
Jauch Paule
fqC Art.
Christians farmland technique
robbie / rwm
RC Devil - Black Sheep
GTX (LS-MODCOMPANY) In case of errors or other suggestions please contact us! The map may be shared :)


  • Thecleaner
    2018-08-16 18:23
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    Encore c'est horrible la map
  • Happygio80
    2018-08-16 21:09
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    very interesting map; I hope to see soon a multifruit version, with at least sugar cane and cotton, and maybe the buyable mods.
  • Tim121672
    2018-08-16 22:46
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    Needs a better link, ive dl from both of those and both times it failed to dl properly. A new link would be great, ive played this map before you updated it and I love it, great work!
  • Olivier
    2018-08-17 11:21
    0 0
    Boue ?? elle est ou la boue ? pas différence avec l'autre Map ..Mud ?? Is it mud? no difference with the other Map ..
  • Caamo
    2018-08-17 12:37
    0 0
    Every f*cking crane broken, flying benches etc... What the f**k is wrong with you guys. Don't you test your maps anymore at all?!? Updates and "finals" coming all the time, but same errors and mistakes are still there... I mean seriously... REALLY!?!?!?!? Fuuuu*k! Should I fix those for you every time? ...but then they say I have "stolen" the map ;) So why don't you FUCKING LEARN HOW TO MAKE A GOOD MAP!!! AND FIX THOSE THINGS!!!
  • Gadevil
    2018-08-24 07:07
    0 0
    @CAAMO,Way to go bud. Show us how stupid you are, and how big bad bully you are. It's comments like yours that make people quit modding all together. Yea, you will prolly like that idea, but think about this, without modders at least getting out here trying, there will be nothing to the fs series.
  • Gadevil
    2018-08-24 07:09
    0 0
    @CAAMO,It's the people like you that have ruined what was a good game for the longest time, and only getting better. If you want to see things fixed, how about talking constructively to the person instead of berating them. Or does someone need to give you a taste of your own medicine?
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