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GMC K3500 v1.0
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GMC K3500 v1.0

This is MY GMC K3500 MY MODEL. Custom Wheels. Bluetooth Suspension by Blake McLain Duramax Nation. Enjoy this while it lasts! And to all the bluetooth axels, Happy Bluetooth Axel Day!!! Unzip and move folder to mods.

ME, ME, ME And Fuckboys USA...

  • Psmodding
    2017-05-19 23:48
    Can we please have a pic from the truck while its in the game?
  • Btmodding
    2017-05-20 03:34
    +PSMODDING theres one now
  • Zzzzz
    2017-05-20 05:05
    not a bad looking truck just needs a different engine sound as im not a fan of the Cummins sound for a bow tie truck & it needs stock rims/tires like in the store pic, also the truck likes to tip over easy while turning/driving .
  • Btmodding
    2017-05-20 16:28
    +ZZZZZ Well this is an edit so im not changing rims go bug Blake McLain for that. I will work on fixing the tipping over bug. I might change the sounds.
  • @btmodding
    2017-05-21 00:09
    another crappy edit by a beginner wannabe modder. the mod sucks and you blow, stop uploading your shitty edits until you learn how to mod
  • Btmodding
    2017-05-21 02:57
    btw i fuckin converted it too ya cunt. all i have to fix is move the light back and fix the tipping issue fucker
  • @btmodding
    2017-05-21 06:55
    You mad bro'? Don't get bitter, get better. We all start out as n00bs. I mean you're starting a bit more n00b than most, but you'll get to the n00b stage if you keep trying. Your edits do suck, btmodding, you really should practice and learn more about modding before you upload your crappy edits. Even rookies don't upload edits this crappy. In a few years, you might be a little bit better, maybe upload one of your edits then
  • Lwanca
    2017-05-21 18:16
    Go bug somone everyone starts here its hard know days to become a modder because people read your awful comments and they dontmdownload them im with you BT MODDING the creator
  • Psmodding
    2017-05-21 22:12
    Stop beating on the kid, we all start out on different levels and you guys beating on him are obliviously no able to mod on any level because your sitting there running ur mouth. I recommend reading and watching videos on how to mod and they will change your world BTMODDING. Keep up the great work!
  • Zeroskater
    2017-05-25 04:08
    i cant the truck to show up in game like i cant find the mod to select it to add it in game so is there a reason why?
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