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Goldcrest Valley XXL Hof v2.3.1
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Goldcrest Valley XXL Hof v2.3.1


Version 2.3.1
Bug in Vehicles.xml Fixed
Animated fish and ducks installed
Cat installed on sauna at the house
Floating Trees Corrected
Sale of fuel Works now

Herewith I want to put my converted Goldcrest Valley Map available.
Maybe find someone like on this Map. Since some space lacking on most maps (the main yard or farm) to countless placeable mods accommodate, I've even dealt with it the court to increase slightly. The animals are housed in the yard.
I am a beginner .Habt mercy. Just try and leave a response. Would be very nice of you.
Wishes Enjoy all


  • Saso82
    2017-02-26 00:53
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    Hello yourself j ais download and try d use your MAP which me like goods but j ais a bug on your fields unlock which I cannot seed anything is this normal or not the field of 21 and 16 I wanted a report you or me j grip on your MAP congratulation has you friendship
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