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Golden Spike 1.4.2a
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Golden Spike 1.4.2a

Golden Spike Map – Version from AlERK Modification

A lot of commentary regarding its complexity and incomprehensibility
is walking on the net.Most players, not trying to understand what’s what,
just pour mud on it.However, information from the developers is
complete both in writing and on YouTube.

The idea of the authors is designed for a protracted game,
not for cheaters, who quickly buy up all the fields,
breed a bunch of animals, buy all the top equipment for
hacked money and lose interest in two days.
Well, okay, everyone has the right to play as he likes.

Manuscript GT (AlERK Modification)

  • Name
    2019-10-18 20:31
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    so that there are no mistakes !!!!http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/production-pack-1-1-2/
  • Tractor23
    2019-10-20 11:27
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    bonjour est t'il possible d'avoir une vidéo de la map stp merci d’avance
  • Year_review/mistakes
    2019-10-28 03:50
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    Honest review: Took a few mud crawling hours in hell but I figured it all out. The developers took a awesome map and cherry picked it to death with socialism dictation. Took the fun out and left me disappointed at lack of functionality it had for actual playing. -250 stars for waste of 1.5 gb patience. NO! NO! NO!
  • Name
    2019-11-09 02:54
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    @YEAR_REVIEW/MISTAKES - Play in the sandbox in the yard, there is no dictatorship of socialism!
  • Niko
    2019-11-26 02:27
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    Hola como conseguir el archivo I10n_es.xml
  • Bob americana
    2019-12-17 03:39
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    Socialism is for cucks ,inbreds,and lazy drug addicts..I will be dead before i live is a commie-I mean - socialist country
  • Eddie
    2020-02-27 21:56
    0 0
    My have new for me he is the same as I was in my the one that was in a
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