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Golden Spike map 01.03.2020 v1.0
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Golden Spike map 01.03.2020 v1.0

Welcome to the map from the Manuscript GT Team!
You will find unique gameplay, thoughtful landscape and more than one hour of exciting game!
Are you purposeful and not afraid of difficulties? Then this card is just for you, revive the former greatness of the collective farm and become a monopolist in the region!

Sales transactions using gold coins, lower the rating, increase your rating by fulfilling contracts and various purchases
Most types of goods can be sold at wholesale prices only at a transport company, other enterprises and organizations work only with contracts.
You can’t cut trees without a license and cross the railway onto a car wherever you want, punishment: fine and downgrade

Manuscript GT

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    2020-05-19 04:39
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    cant even get this map to work
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