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Golden spike v1.7.0.2
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Golden spike v1.7.0.2

The authors paid due attention to the appearance of the map, namely nature, forests, and rivers. We tried to make sure that when you are on the map, you always have a happy eye from what you see. Buildings and objects have scuffs, dirt, shadows, Shine in the necessary places, and the effect of volume, such as brickwork. Also, a simplified collision is created on all objects, which reduces the load on the computer. Many textures have been redrawn to make them more plausible, such as bushes, reeds, grass, ground color, etc. We also use our new unique textures of excellent quality on buildings.

*Map size increased by 4 times in relation to Goldcrest Valley.
*Crops on the map: standard + rye, rice, onions, carrots.
*Animals: Completely changed concept.

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    map does not show animals animal page is empty
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