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GraveDigger Monster Truck v2
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GraveDigger Monster Truck v2

GRAVEDIGGER! I loved this TRUCK as a little boy at the monster Jams
and loved it when it was in FS15.

Converted it to fs17
Added lights, color changes
Muiltiple engine choices
Dirt shaders included in this version
Added a lift on it with different tires from originals
Tires have pressure weight when driving.
Added weight to rear end to stablize for jumps.
The front tires have tire Stem LED light that spin when u drive.

Its a cool mod, did not make the 3d model (TeamModdingPortugal), but gutted orignial mod and added the good stuff.

Link goes to LAMBO MODS youtube Channel... LINK is at bottom of description. 

Ill be releasing 10 new mods over the next 2 weeks on my channel, so if your interested.. Go Subscribe!

Peace and love everyone... 

TeamModdingPortugal (gravedigger 3dmodel)





Patreon: Many mods that will never be released.


  • Chewsup
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    this thing works GREAT!!!!! You did a great job putting it together. The lights on the front wheels... very unique... props for bettering a basic mod... Ty
  • Tfn


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    fix your link, every time i press download it go to youtube...
  • Losercomm
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    LOSERCOMM releasing more shitty mods that only have a youtube link that takes you to his shitty youtube channel. Nobody wants your mods let alone your shitty youtube link, LOSERCOMM, leave the community, you won't be missed.
  • Download link avoid youtube
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    download link http://modsfile.com/19wre5oh1wjv/gravedigger_mudtruck.zip.htmlUser has been reported to Youtube for spamming websites to get his views vids up on youtube, user is using click bait routines. AVOID HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  • Reported and thumbs down video
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    Report his vid on Youtube that he is using click bait to increase views on his channel, then click thumbs down on his vid, One more reason to avoid modhub in the first place for allowing this crap up to begin with. NOTICE THIS ARSEWIPE IS SOLICITING MONEY for a mod he never created?!?!?! MOD is by TeamModdingPortugal
  • Wtf!@!!
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    WTF modhub??? HIs download link is a youtube channel ????? Reported and thumbs down!
  • How to report on youtube
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    CLICK "3 dots MORE " above comments, then click REPORT, then click spam or misleading, then pick what you think this is, SCAM or FRAUD, Or Mass Advertising, or whatever, then in the comments, add this User is misleading people by posting a download link on Modhub that is nothing than click bait to lead people to his youtube channel
  • Done !
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  • Link
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  • Lambocomm
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    The time stamps for the comments above... That's 30ish mins dedicated to this... Im impressed. You must be unemployed :)21:14 --- 21:32 -- 21:33 --- 21:37 --- 21:38 --- 21:39 --- 21:40
  • Lamb0c0mm
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    I'm a complete moron, I know. I post youtube links instead of files, trying to whore for subs and views to my shitty channel. I'm what's wrong with the farm sim community. People like me should be shunned, I'm a shitty human being. I don't know how mod, I blame the wrong people for things they didn't do to try and build myself up.
  • Lamb0c0mm
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    I pretended that I knew someones IP address from a post here, decided that because Rambow145 wouldn't talk to me, I'd say it was Rambow145 that was causing problems. He had nothing to do with it, I was lying about the IP address. Because I'm just a shitty human being and that's how I roll. I should apologize to Rambow145, but I won't
  • Lamb0c0mm
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    I use a snapchat filter on all my videos because I look like the worlds least collected bobble head. My head literally looks like my shoulders grew a massive zit. I'm an ugly human being in both appearance and personality.
  • Attention farming peeps
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    NOT SAFE link addresss-- http://modsfile.com LINK IN COMMENTS ----------- NOT A SAFE LINK --- be smart people-- don't click random links in the comment This obvious hater who has no life and trying to steal our CC info or damage our computer. Has no clue about the cyber Bulling laws your breaking. better hope no one has ur IP address and the mod sites dont rat ur IP address out
  • Attention farming peeps
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    I am tired of seeing this guy vomit on all your videos, mods and Facebook posts. I normally dont get involved with this stuff.. but posting VIRUS is a serious offence. Lambo i would inform modhub of him and get his IP. This cyber bulling he is doing Is illegal inside the USA. I believe distributing a virus is a felony.
  • Mjfan
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    WOW Colty Im sorry! I talk so much shit about you with my fake profile that anyone can make cause I dont want to be a man. I might lose subscribers on youtube... My Whiney ass channel.. wonder who I could be. im just jealous tats why I talk shit on the mods lambo puts out. While i am talking shit he is making another mod for me to talk more shit. The circle of life!
  • Im only 14 yrs old
    2017-03-27 02:56 Send message
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    I hope all you haterz of LAMBO find out who touched you as small children. 1.Your obviously hurting still 2. I am only 14 and this is sad most of you older then me.
  •  im dedicated 2 this
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    LAMBO PLEASE DONT COMMENT or waste ur time defending urself. You are a very nice person, I have had several conversions about modding with you. Your a true community modder, so what if he has errors some time, Name one modder who had not made ALOT of Mistakes - LEARN TO FIX the mod before you ever even complain... Go ahead message his facebook page with a Question, I bet he trys his best to help. This poor guy lost his infant son to sids . Think before you hate so hard. people got it rough
  • Im dedicated 2 this
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    FAKE LAMBOProfile, He posted about LOSING his SON on his website. That has to hurt far more then any comments about a mod you can ever leave. He is very helpful and shares what he learns with EVERYone. they are being a jerks to a great person(RB145). message him and see how much He shares with you. I wish more modders had his community attitude. Instead they hid and make jabs at a man who lost his baby. You all look deep into yourselves... this hate aint right. He has been through enough
  • God


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    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;King James Version (KJV)
  • Jacque
    2017-03-27 09:57 Send message
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    Im sorry for the loss of your little boy. Thats gotta be hard for anyone. Hugs hugs hugs... Now go make more mods! Lol Where this blaster Atv you showed on your channel? Can't find video Link?
  • Turtle man1980
    2020-04-24 01:08
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    How do i get it
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