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Green valey v1.0
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Green valey v1.0

Standard animals. There is construction (garages, greenhouses). On the map are standard cultures + oats. rye. a flock. triticale, millet, alfalfa, clover, hops, carrots, onions, spinach, peas, beans + apples, pear, plum, cherry, 2 grape varieties, honey, + compost, sand, gravel. Cabbage, tomato, pepper, eggplant, strawberry are greenhouses. Sand, gravel and coal. Factories: a sawmill, a sugar mill, a mill, a dairy, a brewery, a butter mill, a bakery, an oil refinery, a cannery, a winery, a fuel factory, an apiary, a meat processing plant, boards + pallets, chips, pallets, dairy (ice cream, condensed milk, kefir) (sugar, powdered sugar, and lime), a mill (wheat flour + barley, flour + production on pallets).

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  • Ronny
    2018-03-19 21:08
    Sadly all in russian;(
  • Romain
    2018-03-19 21:51
    Cette map a du potentielle,dommage que les bâtiments sois si délabré,sa sent la veille russie.
  • Andre
    2018-03-20 03:00
    tem uma versão mais atualizada deste mapa estou a procura
  • Lexa  kom trikru
    2018-03-23 16:11
    very nice map ,, good job
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