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Halo Warthog v1.0
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Halo Warthog v1.0

Today we bring you an awesome Halo Warthog from Winston Modding.  Now before you jump all over the top of us for the Halo Warthog remember two things.  First this mod is just for fun.  And the second thing is that if you have enough money there is a company that will modify a jeep to look and drive like a Halo Warthog.  Now on to the vehicle itself.  Both the interior and exterior are highly detailed and when you turn on the headlights all the dashboard and consoles light up as well.  So plenty of details for you to have fun with.  Other than that the Halo Warthog will roll coal all day long.  Enjoy.

winston9587 , Testing By carolinaboy

  • Jerks
    2017-12-21 20:21
    This IS not a MOD Release, stop treating this as a MOD RELEASE, do your reviews, but stop MISLEADING everyone thinking they are new mods, This mod was released MONTHS AND MONTHS ago,
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