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Hayes Log Truck pack v1.0
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Hayes Log Truck pack v1.0

Authors: Silja88, Rambow145
​Updated 6/7/2017 Added the old trailer back
The Redwood trees
This is a pack you get the Truck and the trailer!
The trailer might be fixed later or a new ONE will be added!
Mods will never be PRIVATE or locked.
This Mod came from www.Rambow145.Com
More mods will come!


  • Jim


    2017-06-17 02:59 Send message
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    love the truck!! was wondering if there could be an auto load one in the future!!?? thanks again for all the mods
  • Taterdigger
    2017-07-13 03:40 Send message
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    yup! Auto Load would be great.
  • User
    2017-07-20 06:05 Send message
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    Yes, lets put an auto loader on this so we can defeat the purpose of logging!! Why do forestry when your trailer can do it for you?!
  • Name
    2019-05-29 14:01
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    hell i would be happy to have a sensible truck with a loading boom that works
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