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Hi Spec 4500G Tanker v1.0
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Hi Spec 4500G Tanker v1.0

Hello guys. boydog22 here. I previously brought to this site the Armer Salmon Cleaner and Alum Trailer and now I bring you a 4500 gallon slurry tanker. Enjoy!


  • Eric
    2017-04-30 17:51
    magnifique 3D modelle
  • Colinkh98
    2017-04-30 22:22
    its coming up in game as a small single axle slurry tank
  • Fuck you
    2017-04-30 22:24
    you steal all your mods from cdmodelz you piece of shit. this is why modders stop releasing mods!
  • Wrong^^^
    2017-04-30 23:34
    Nobody "stole" this mod, it's just uploaded in a different place. And grab a brain, dipshit, modders haven't stopped making their crappy mods, there's more made than there ever has been. So where's the evidence of all these mods that haven't been released? Expect to see that asshole cdmodelz post here pretending to be a lawyer and trying to tell people they're in some kind of trouble. Laughable to say the least, and I need the laugh
  • @wrong^^^
    2017-05-01 00:11
    A small slurry tank appears in the game. boydog22 you selected the wrong file to upload. Please link correct mod in future. Do you make this mod?
  • Mohit
    2017-05-01 01:12
    The mod is a a small tanker, boydog22 please do not waste peoples time.
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