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Hi Spec 4500G Tanker v1.0
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Hi Spec 4500G Tanker v1.0

Hello guys. boydog22 here. I previously brought to this site the Armer Salmon Cleaner and Alum Trailer and now I bring you a 4500 gallon slurry tanker. Enjoy!


  • Eric
    2017-04-30 17:51 Send message
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    magnifique 3D modelle
  • Colinkh98
    2017-04-30 22:22 Send message
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    its coming up in game as a small single axle slurry tank
  • @wrong^^^
    2017-05-01 00:11 Send message
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    A small slurry tank appears in the game. boydog22 you selected the wrong file to upload. Please link correct mod in future. Do you make this mod?
  • Mohit
    2017-05-01 01:12 Send message
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    The mod is a a small tanker, boydog22 please do not waste peoples time.
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