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Hillside farm v1.0.0.2
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Hillside farm v1.0.0.2

Here we have my first ever edit. I have never touched a computer until a year ago.
I have taught myself by watching you tube for advise and tips by all you great modders.
So i present to you Hillside farm. This is an English type farm set in the county of Wiltshire. Very detailed map i have added extra dirt,texture and animal splines. 
There are 30 fields you will start with 3 ranging in diffrent sizes. There are 4 farms on map with sell points and many extras.
Main farm cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. Farm 2 horses.
Farm 3 sheep. Farm 4 cows. 3 woodland areas 1 which is very large.
Small BGA plant. Dirt mod. Lots of extra new foliage. 
Error free log.
I do NOT give permission for this map to be edited and re-uploaded any where. 
Feel free to edit for personal use. 
Error fixes = Cows frezing on navmesh fixed couple of lumps in feilds
fixed Textures on couple of objects hopefully fixed they are showing in colour on my pc can you let me know if anything is still white.

To anyone who see's any of their mods

  • David
    2018-02-21 00:37
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    Too those who wish to download this map its NOT ERROR FREE my log shows well over 80 plus errors along with call stacks , those white objects are still white and that's only round farm and shop , i didn't go any further as game started shuddering and i'm using top of the range gaming laptop .For first try not bad nice layout but those tutorials you may need to study more
  • Gemma
    2018-02-21 01:13
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    I came to write about the errors and call stacks but it seem's its already been noted
  • Jim


    2018-02-21 01:14
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    nice map but i cant get nud to work?
  • Jim


    2018-02-21 01:16
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    mud sorry
  • Name
    2018-02-21 06:58
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    no scripts for the mud! in the map
  • Fid


    2018-02-21 19:55
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    yes there are small issues, yes it needs some updating,despite the log errors the map is totally playable the trigger points all work so does the mud of which there is ample,there are some minor graphical issues but this does not distract from the fact that this map is fine to play ,so to sum up , if you not looking for the errors or and you like small muddy farms then download it and give it a try i actually like this better than oakfield simply because of the mud factor
  • Fabriccator
    2018-02-21 22:44
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    mud doesnt work for me either but nice start to a good map!
  • Fabricator
    2018-02-22 00:16
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    did a little playing around and mud works as long as you dont use the more realistic mod
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