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Income Mod Real v1.0.0.0
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Income Mod Real v1.0.0.0

Hello dear MH community
Here our income model generates the real income
The mod is used to increase the yield of the single-seeded yields. If the yield of the corn is too low, you can increase the yield with this mod by adding the entry to desc.literPerSqm = 2.9; The number by a sums up your opinion the yield on a value sets for you is ok.
The whole can do with all the entries so also for wheat, Gertse, rape, potatoes and sugar beet.soja.sonnenblumen.
We are currently working on a multifunctional function
Support is only available here http://lu-neuhaus.de/
This mod can be offered for download on every page but please only with ORIGINALLINK!

Modell: Lu-Neuhaus.de
Textur: Lu-Neuhaus.de
Script: Lu-Neuhaus.de
Idee / Konzept: Lu-Neuhaus.de
Tester: Lu-Neuhaus.de
Sonstige: Lu-Neuhaus.de

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    2017-01-16 17:55
    would be nice to kno how to use the mod
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