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Inntal Reloaded v2.0.1.8
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Inntal Reloaded v2.0.1.8

What's new in the version:
new fruit (hemp)
2 new factories (biscuits and clothes)
Fields revised
Flashing lights, which interfere with the AI.
mCompanyFactory Script has been installed
mCompanyGraphics compatible (you have to download this file and put it into the Mod folder normally)
Field trails were removed and renewed
chicken farm
Buy chickens (please download the mod and load the Betimax trailer in your mod folder so you can transport the animals.
purchaseable production facilities
new light sources were installed
bug fixes

I strongly recommend a new savegame.
Customize the old Savegames at your own risk. So do not cry after something does not work.


  • Confusedatfirst
    2017-10-16 09:31
    great map loving it so far. got alil confused with all the mgraphics thing but after a lil research finally figured it out. wish the perosn who posted this would explain a lil better. but anyway here is the link to the mcompanygraphics mod https://ls-modcompany.com/filebase/file/67-mcompanygraphic/ im sure it will save someone a lot of time lol. this mod will make the map easy and 100x more enjoyable.
  • A-leo
    2017-10-16 15:54
    Dieser Mod ist geklaut . Original gibt es nur hier : http://wowhalli.de/Dieser User hat von WOWHALLI keine Freigabe zum hochladen der Map . Map und User bitte löschen . Danke .
  • Lurkliva
    2017-10-22 14:46
    As A-LEO wrote. This Mod was stolen from wowhalli (http://wowhalli.de) without her permission to upload this Map/Mod!
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